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2 thoughts on “Hello world

  1. Rene Ellul says:

    Hello I really am a big fan of the Shadow Man games, especially the first one. 🙂
    I read that you worked on it and am just writing this to send a BIG ~THANK YOU!!
    The game is just one of my most favourite games, and you are one of the people I can thank for creating it, using the internet!

    Also I was just wondering also if there is anyway to enable Debug 1, PC Debug or Quick Start mode in the final release game for N64? without having to ‘hack’ them.
    Or is it disabled in some way when the game is released?
    I have already enabled the menus via ‘Action Replay’ hacking but only by changing options to point, ‘pointers’ to other options instead. It is quite a extensive menu that would have been of help in debugging the game since it was such a big game!

    I hope you to hear back from you, thank you again!

  2. Paul says:

    Heh, I remember the “eep!” moment when we realized the debug menu had been left in the data and – for the PC, at least – was trivial to activate.

    I’m trying to remember how we had the console versions set up for test. I didn’t work on the N64 version directly, either, so that doesn’t help. While I don’t have a definite answer for you, if it is still accessible, I seem to recall it might have been something like a combination of buttons pressed on a second joypad. In the case of the Dreamcast version, I think it required the keyboard peripheral plugging in.

    All single player games should come with a cheat mode, I think. While it’s obviously more rewarding to get through a game without cheating, these days I often just don’t have the time or enthusiasm to play through a difficult spot, or have such large gaps between playing that I forget what little skill I picked up the previous time. It’d be nice just to charge through without having to worry about health levels, ammo counts or whatever, in order to see the full story and level design.

    If I do find a non-hacky way of activating the menu, I’ll let you know!

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