Bloodshot was in development at Iguana Entertainment/Acclaim Studios Teesside at the same time as Shadow Man. I worked on the project as lead PC programmer between April 1997 and October 1998.

The game was based off another of Acclaim’s comic licenses. Bloodshot is a top secret government experiment, using nano-technology to ressurect dead bloke Raymond Garrison. He’s obviously non too pleased with the whole affair, because much running around with guns then commences.


Lots of guns!


The game also featured different vehicles that could be mounted and driven around. This allowed me to experiment with various physics models in order to create realistic motion, but while keeping the control simple and fun. The motorcycle was created using a simple network of points and springs.


The humvee was more difficult. The points and springs system was replaced with a rigid body simulation. Chris Hecker’s papers helped me get up to speed with this. The new system allowed me to define rigid shapes and have them react to forces applied at any locaton on the body. I also used this system to create a basic helicopter. Ok, it’s probably nowhere near “realistic”, but the look and feel were right 🙂


That motorcycle has rocket launchers, you know.


Foooom! Told you so.


Raymond could fire his gun in eight directions, independent to the direction he was moving. We attempted to create gameplay similar to “Robotron”, where enemies would be approaching from all directions, and Raymond can fire in all directions to fend them off.


More motorcycle-launched rockets.

A recurring theme during development was “this level is very dark”, and is evident in these screenshots. It turned out that the artist producing the levels had completely blacked out his office window, turned off the lights, and was working in complete darkness except for the light of his monitor. No wonder the levels appeared dark to those of us outside the cave!

The Bloodshot project was eventually shelved. The game started off as a PC game, with console ports planned. A year into development, the project was reorganized so that the Playstation-1 became the lead version, and the PC version would essentially be a port of that. A hasty, ill-advised rewrite of pretty much the entire game threw out the baby with the bathwater, and left us scrambling to get a demo together of something that was remotely near where we had been with the project a year earlier. With this setback, and the Shadow Man project needing extra help, the project was discontinued and the team was moved onto Shadow Man.

April 1997 – October 1998

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