A bomberman clone written in 1992 for Acorn RISC OS computers.


I wrote Moonquake during the summer of ’92. It started off as a programming experiment – I was still getting to grips with ARM assembly language. I’d been playing “Eric and the Floaters” on a friends MSX, and Bomberman on PC-Engine, and it was a fun but simple game. Development slowed as soon as it became playable, but I eventually got it tidied up and submitted a copy to the Archimedes World magazine. They sent me a cheque for £50, and published the game on their December issue cover disk.

The game has since been converted Gameboy Advance, PC and even an in-browser version; the video above is the GBA version… I think!

It’s a fairly simple game written in ARM assembler language, wrapped in a BASIC menu. There are one and two player modes. The single player mode requires you to clear all the blockages over ten levels – each level includes more rambling robots and various reactors. Reactors can only be hit a limited number of times before exploding and wiping out  the whole level, yourself included. The two player mode is a straightforward battle to the death.

Download the Acorn version here

7 thoughts on “Moonquake

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks, Elliot! I used to love Chocks Away. Endless fun trying to share a keyboard for two player split screen, and the inevitable frustration when the key combinations interfered with each other.

  2. Jack says:

    I loved playing this game! Born in ’88 and my dad was a high school teacher, so he used to bring an Acorn or a Macintosh home and we’d play games like this, Fireball 2, and Badger Trails. Some of my earliest memories!

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