Shadow Man 2

Shadow Man 2 was originally going to be essentially the first Shadow Man game, but with a new content – a new story, levels, etc – and a relatively short development time (~6-9 months, if I recall). During the development, I think the engine was rewritten/replaced at least a couple of times. The story/design also changed significantly compared to the early versions I saw. Also, Mike – the Shadow Man himself – underwent a significant makeover. And there was less of the puzzle solving of the first and more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat. Ok, it was a completely different game. Oh yes, and PS2 exclusive. Completely different. The final game took over two years to complete.

2 thoughts on “Shadow Man 2

  1. Matt Taylor says:

    Hi Paul,

    Do you remember much about the original engine Shadow Man was created using? From what I’ve been able to find it was built inhouse and lost to time. Is that the case from what you remember?

    Thanks for any information you can provide,

  2. Paul says:

    Both Shadow Man and Shadow Man 2 were built using in-house engines. The original started out as a software-only renderer, followed by a 3dfx Glide incarnation once 3d graphics cards became a thing, followed by the final Direct3D version. Bloodshot shared a bunch of the same core tech as Shadow Man.

    I don’t have any source code that I know of. The studio involved in bringing Shadow Man to Steam were looking for it about four years ago. I searched all the boxes of 3.5″ disks and CDs for any old backups I had but came up with nothing. I’m sure the studio would have taken a dim view of me taking away copies of the code at the time, but who knows what’s going to happen 10, 15 years down the road?

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