Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer game (MMO) for PC by Kingsisle Entertainment, designed for families to play together. You become a pupil at the Ravenwood school for wizards, helping the faculty, exploring and adventuring around the school and the surrounding worlds along the Spiral.

It’s free to play to an extent, so you’ve got no excuse to not try it out.

Free play allows you access to a fair amount of the game, and then you can buy individual passes to premium areas, or subscribe for full access.

I’ve been working on Wizard101 since September 2005. While I have worked on several game components such as audio and flash integration, my main focus has been on the in-house game editing tool that the designers use to put together the zones, define the quests and characters, and so on.

The game was first opened to the public in the summer of 2008, after three years of almost complete secrecy. Almost two years later, the game is proving to be very popular. The game is constantly being added to, so even though the game is out, the development team is as busy as it was before the launch!

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