The importance of reading emails

mistake, oops, dead

My old host sent me an email a while ago, informing me that they were closing down and migrating everyone to a new hosting service. A subsequent email listed a couple of services in my account that they were unable to migrate – a subversion repository and a .net Core installation I’d been experimenting with.

Now, in my mind, this meant that they wouldn’t be able to migrate those particular services, so they wouldn’t work or wouldn’t be available once the migration took place. This was a mistake on my part, I should have read more closely. What they were trying to tell me is that they wouldn’t be able to migrate my account unless I took action. Which I did not. A final email came through to inform me that as they were unable to migrate my account, they deleted the sites, services and everything, refunded the unused time and closed the account.

My face reading the email


Soooo, probably a good time to rebuild a new, fresh site. A brand new WP installation on a brand new host. And this time I’ll look at those emails a little more closely.

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